Best Wrestling Shoes

Best Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is a sport that requires clever footwork and outstanding balance. It is a sport that relies on a powerful foundation – your core, legs, and knees – to dismantle an opponent using a series of grapples. Without a strong base to begin with, you can be underwhelming on the mat and lose because you lacked the right support system to help keep you on your feet.

One such support system is the wrestling shoe. This is specialized footwear that has a lot of traction and cushion to help you stay on your feet.

It is a must to have shoes that are magnetized to any surface because you need to balance yourself to perform basic moves in wrestling. You can perform the sport without wrestling shoes but doing so means you are voluntarily reducing your effectiveness as an athlete.

You don’t have any reason to avoid wrestling shoes. The best wrestling shoes let you balance better, grapple more wisely because your stance is improved, and keep your feet protected. The only problem you have is finding the right gear provider.

There are hundreds of shoe makers out there that create quality footwear. All you have to do is find them.

How to choose the best wrestling shoes

Choosing the best wrestling shoes starts with a simple click on the internet or a visit to a retail store. Unlike boxing shoes, wrestling shoes are easy to find. There are plenty of brands to choose from, so you will never run out of options.

Research the most popular ones and find out about the products that they sell. Chances are you may not be interested in just their footwear.

Select the most comfortable shoes first. Gather all the shoes that interested you at first glance and wear them one by one. If you can walk in them inside the store, that would be great. Just be careful not to damage them beforehand. This is only applicable for physical stores.

Once you have collected all the shoes, narrow down your options to three by feeling the shoe with your hands and feet Check for problematic areas that can cause discomfort when you wear the shoe for a long time.

Wrestling shoes have ankle straps, sometimes even Velcro, to keep you from tipping over and incurring too much frontal damage. Inspect the shoe thoroughly because you need to invest a little in wrestling shoes, since they are instrumental to your victory.

What to look for in the best wrestling shoes

Look for a shoe that is not too narrow or wide. Get a shoe that is just right for your feet, because you will need to “synchronize” yourself with your footwear or else it can be difficult to move around. Do not let the very thing that will help you win a match hinder you from coming out on top.

The shoe must be light enough to give you a full range of motions, but tough enough that it could push you up without getting crumpled by the force you exert.

The first thing you have to check is the material composition of the strap. See if it has any weak spots or quality issues.

You can do this by searching past experiences people had with the shoe or asking the shop’s sales personnel about the toughness of the strap. Your ankle is the main link that helps you angle your feet better.

The best wrestling shoes have thick straps to give you more support and prevent you from falling over. This also reduces the stress your lower body will experience as you wrestle someone to the ground or escape someone’s clutches.

The other parts of the shoe, like the sole and heel, are important. But the strap is the most vital part of the shoe because it’s like a seatbelt that protects you from accidents. It gives you confidence that the shoe will not come off.





 Aggressor 2 – Asics$$$4.6/5
 Aggressor 2 – Asics$$$4.8/5
 Inception – Brute$4.1/5
ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe$4.0/5
Versa Trainer Pro – Otomix$$$4.2/5
Adidas Mat Wizard Wrestling Shoes$$4.5/5
ASICS Men’s Cael Wrestling Shoe$$$4.6/5
ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 3 Wrestling Shoe$$4.4/5
Adidas AdiZero Varner Wrestling Shoes$$4.5/5
Combat Speed 4 David Taylor Limited Edition Wrestling Shoes$4.8/5

Aggressor 2 – Asics


  • Rubber outsole
  • Ecsaine upper
  • Ankle strap
  • Arch support
  • Slip-proof
  • Imported textile with colorful graphics (may vary)

The Aggressor stands out as a shoe that uses the superb hook and loop closure that ties everything quite nicely. It acts like a belt that can be loosened or tightened, but mostly the latter, so you can effectively deliver any move at any pace.

This closure brings everything together, using an organized mesh that has good thickness and strength. The shoe’s power actually comes from this bit because the shoe is closed well without any chance of loosening up accidentally during your match.

This shoe can be used for other sports that need stellar footwork. Even if you are a new fighter, having something that is thick and comfortable or the feet can change the way you move for the better. It gives you better balance, more power and speed because you are firmly grounded to the surface.

Another great thing about this shoe is the arch support. It can help you step up or down in your sport better because the shoe firmly grasps the foot without constricting it too much.

This gives your foot room to breathe and move inside your shoe. This is great because you can finally execute moves that you were previously unable to because of the shoes you were wearing.

The Aggressor 2 is unisex. You can give it to anyone you like who could use a quality pair of shoes in their workout. Workouts that need a strong base and good footwork can use the high quality of the Aggressor 2, because the shoe is easy to wear and will take a long time before it tears. A welcome statement for anyone who wants to invest in a shoe that lasts.

And yet, this shoe is just an entry-level pair from Asics. What more if you scale up in price? There are some things worth noting with this shoe.

You have to increase the shoe size by at least half or else it will be difficult to wear and impossible to break-in. By selecting a shoe that is slightly bigger, you can move more efficiently and faster than your previous self, even if you are not going to use this for wrestling.


Grey Stingray Escape – Otomix


  • Made of polyester
  • Leather and synthetic body
  • Extra ankle support
  • Thin but durable sole
  • Outsole digs well

What’s fun about the Stingray is its ability to produce a lot of friction without wearing itself out quickly. Having a ridiculous amount of friction on your shoe helps prevent accidents, especially if you overshoot your step by quite a bit.

This is good because you have a lot of traction and staying power on any surface. Yes, any surface. Wet to dry season, rugged or smooth terrain, you will find that the Stingray can let you Escape with just about anything.

This is good for other exercises because it has a lot of bite and grip. You do not need to wipe the floor clean of liquids or take a break because the surface you are stepping on is dangerous. That’s not the Stingray’s style. The shoe will just let you do it in any condition, whether you have broken it in or not.

The grey pair is perfect for wrestlers who need a lot of grip without spending too much money. The amount of grip you can exert does not get reduced by sweat. You can still feel the entire shoe respond to your movement. Having breathable shoes is very advantageous – you won’t miss a single step and feel out of place when you move.

This product also gives you a fuller range of movement, because you can move your feet better in any condition you are in. Sweat nor the floor you are stepping on will not hinder you from owning the opposition. When you add this to the level of traction the shoe provides, you could conquer any sport you wish to use the shoes for.

Just make sure you break the shoe in first before you try anything difficult. You could still wear the shoe but it’s going to be easier to perform even the basic movements when you have finally “mastered” the shoe with your foot. Exercises that require you to be stable and planted firmly into the ground can benefit from this, even if it’s a shoe designed for wrestling.

You are dealing with a super affordable and super comfortable shoe that is meant for entry-level users. Imagine what more you can get from other shoes made by Otomix?


Inception – Brute


  • Wide red and black body
  • Tough ankle support
  • Thick outsole
  • Extremely light body
  • Narrow construction
  • Zip-up design

When you want a lot of power without straining your feet or wallet too much, you can trust your motions to the Inception, Brute’s finest work yet when it comes to wrestling shoes. Imbalance is the most difficult thing to overcome as a wrestler. But this Brute makes the challenge very easy to overcome, by giving you one of the toughest ankle supports you can find on a wrestling shoe.

The shoe is defined by two things – thickness and lightness. The bottom is rock solid, enabling you to dish out more damage to your opponent.

It has to be rock solid because, as a wrestler, you need shoes that can take severe levels of punishment while remaining comfortable. This thickness does not come with discomfort because, on the inside, your feet will be cushioned all the time.

Some of the best shoes are like this – thick on the outside but soft on the inside – because you need a stellar base to be effective if you want to wrestle well.

A wrestler can only be effective if the core and legs are immovable. From thereon, once the athlete goes into a locking position, it can be very difficult to get out of it.

Weaken a wrestler’s foundation and you are bound to get out of his or her clutches. You can become better as an athlete when you prioritize good footwear, even better if it’s the Inception you are wearing for more than one season.

Like other wrestling shoes, you can use this pair for other sports and disciplines like weightlifting and parkour. It is a Brute in everything, providing superior traction and staying power on any surface.

It’s fun to have, too, because you need something to cushion a lot of weight. You may have powerful legs and feet but, if the surface is not sturdy enough, you may lose your footing immediately.

Any change in stance can reduce your effectiveness as an athlete. For weightlifters, you need to have a sole that is solid enough that it does not spring back. It must be rock solid all the time because you need to be well-grounded. For wrestling, you need to maintain a stance that will be difficult to come out, tiring your once-escaping enemy with your arsenal of grips.


ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe


  • Synthetic material
  • Lace garage
  • Full length gum rubber outsole for friction purposes
  • Narrow body with nice tongue
  • Overlapping laces

The Matflex 5 is a flexible and powerful shoe that has a lot of allowance so you can move your feet more freely. The wearer can take advantage of the sturdy outsole that this wrestling shoe has.

There is no springy feeling whatsoever, unlike other shoes, meaning the sole won’t move or budge when there is a slight resistance that comes in contact with the shoe.

ASICS has this “tradition” of making shoes that are slightly smaller. This is a little heads up for everyone because you may order a size that is not right for you. This can cause fitting problems, which is something you do not want, because you will have to wait again for the delivery to arrive. This can be disarming if you need to use the shoes already.

Once you get the right size, you can begin praising the presence of the following on the shoe. A full length gum rubber outsole provides a lot of traction so you can move your feet more freely.

It helps you cling to the surface you are wrestling on with ease. Any surface will do because the tread of this shoe digs very deep without leaving marks, unlike other shoes.

Traction is already a given for wrestling shoes. But what makes this a nice addition to any wrestler’s closet, professional or not, is the price you have to pay to get it. For the qualities and features that you may find on other more expensive shoes, you can get them all for half the price.

You may say that the quality is questionable but, if you are just going to wear them for an hour, the quality issue almost becomes a non-factor. Even if it is just an entry-level shoe, you can still achieve basic and advanced wrestling moves with it.

The shoe is actually a must if you need to be magnetized to the ground without spending exorbitantly. Don’t worry about quality because ASICS is a company that is well-known for giving its customers more than their money can afford. They are really good at pampering their customers, and it shows with the satisfaction most ASICS users put on the veteran brand’s product.


Versa Trainer Pro – Otomix


  • Mixes leather and rubber together to form a powerful mesh
  • Multitalented, can be used for other exercises
  • Black or white color
  • Can be used outside or inside
  • Normal size

This is the only indoor and outdoor shoe that exposes the users, specifically entry-level owners, to the qualities required from a wrestling shoe. It is not professional grade to begin with, but it is a start. It is a bright entry from Otomix, the maker of the popular Stingray, which provides more traction and sticking power to the surface than usual.

For half the price of a usual wrestling shoe, you get a shoe that is featured in two color combinations – black and blue or white and red – that permits more movement for the feet without much breaking-in (although it is advisable to do so before using it full-time).

As you start breaking the shoe in, the thick tongue of the shoe will keep your ankles in check so you don’t plunge in head first. This gives you a mantle of security so you do not tip over or move erratically after falling.

The thickness also extends to the sole, which takes a lot of external and internal force. It’s good because you can bounce up and down without worrying about the build integrity of the shoe after heavy usage. It also enables you to angle yourself better because you can twist and turn your feet with ease. This is synonymous to great positioning because you can choose how to move.

The shoe lets you move freely in any situation because (1) its tread is very deep and (2) the shoe is very light. Since the tread is deep, you can dig easier without leaving a mark or changing the color of the floor.

This is because the shoe just grips well so you can execute all your moves without fearing for your stance. Since you are well-grounded, you can perform any exercise better than without this shoe.

Last but not the least, the shoe has a direct effect to the core because it “locks” your feet to the ground to give you better stability. Since the core is working double time, you can effectively increase the intensity of your workouts without exerting much effort.


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