Versa Trainer Pro – Otomix

Versa Trainer Pro - Otomix

The Versa Trainer Pro is a revolutionary shoe, designed to give you better reps and intensity to your workout. It has a rubber sole for absorbing impact as you move, allowing you to stay on your feet and keep good balance throughout your exercise. It is one of the best for weight training, because your feet are well grounded on the surface.

It has good traction on all surfaces so it’s great for exercises that have a lot of foot movement. It is good for any setting, outdoors or indoors, because its rubber is designed to take a beating. Boxers and weight lifters can benefit a lot from the shoe’s tough sole that keeps them balanced.

This shoe is snug to give your feet better traction and stopping power in case you want to stop abruptly. It has a thick tongue that keeps you from tipping over, which is nice for people who do complex movements. This is a very versatile shoe that can be used in a variety of ways because most sports require good footwork.

You select the color you want to dominate with – black and blue, or white and red. Regardless of the color you choose, the shoe will still enable you to come out on top.


  • Mixes leather and rubber together to form a powerful mesh
  • Multitalented, can be used for other exercises
  • Black or white color
  • Can be used outside or inside

This pair of trainers is geared toward any weather condition. If you love to do your workouts in the rain, this will keep you going until you decide to call it a day.

Traction is still very high even if it gets wet. The rubber sole can dig in any surface without leaving a mark. It’s almost magnetic for some because the shoe is snug. It caresses the entire feet without compressing it too much.

There is a lot of breathing room for this pair. You just have to break it in because it can be extremely tight at first. To help you do so, the shoe has a strap on the back to keep it from moving erratically in case your workouts increase in difficulty. This will also keep the shoe steady on your feet so you can move better in any direction.

Since this was built for bodybuilders who want better foot and legwork, it has a lot of traction and bite to give their base and core more power. The shoe won’t make you budge if you are lifting weights or even doing a variety of pushups. There is a lot of staying power in these shoes that can empower your workouts.


The shoe has ankle support and extra supportive padding to give you a more grounded grip on the ground or mat. You can safely lift heavy weights, knowing that your feet won’t give up and your shoe will be there to assist you in heaving barbell upon barbell. Any workout that requires you to use your powerful legs is appropriate for the Versa Trainer Pro.

You can still tip over or commit mistakes, if your footwork isn’t solid yet. To help you brace for impact, Otomix added a thick tongue on the shoe that is rigid on the outside but comfortable on the inside. It will help you achieve champion form because it is both an assistive and developmental part of the shoe.


The shoe itself is great. It’s the company’s customer service representatives that people hate. Sometimes people want to return the shoe to the company.

They go through the representatives of Otomix and ask for support, but their simple requests are sometimes turned down. This is bad because customer service representatives are the frontrunners of the company.

The shoe can also run small. You have to size it up if you want a better fit. If you are a size 10, buy a 10.5 or 11. It will help a lot because breaking it in can be difficult if there is not much space to move your feet in, especially the toes, which can experience a lot of stress when the workout gets intense.


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There are way better shoes in the market than this if you want more features. But for the most part as a men’s bodybuilding shoe, this fits the bill just right.

It is a product that does what it advertises or says. It does not promise anything it could not do, or even try to do.

The shoe is meant to give beginners a good shot at bodybuilding. Any workout that requires fancy footwork like weightlifting, boxing, or wrestling can greatly benefit from the staying power and grip of the shoe.

A great support system will keep you from feeling weak in your workouts, especially if it requires you to move a lot. Overall, this gets a 9/10 had it not been for poor customer service and sizing.

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