Matflex 5 – ASICS

Matflex 5 - ASICS

The Matflex 5 uses a full length gum rubber outsole for maximum traction and comfort. This ASICS shoe provides a lot of support thanks to its narrow fit, that stops the foot from moving forward when pivoted on any surface.

Yes with the Matflex 5, you can firmly plant your feet on any surface without the risk of slipping. It has almost a triangular point of attack that targets entry-level users who want to get into the sport of wrestling without spending too much on apparel.

On the inside, the toes can freely wiggle because the manufacturer made the shoe very breathable. They gave an allowance, albeit narrow because of the contour of the shoe, so the wearer can grip surfaces with ease. T

his allows more movement for the foot because a wrestler’s edge lies in proper footing. Mess this up and you have no foundation to work on. Without a stable base, you can have a hard time executing your moves properly.

It is hard to believe that this is an entry level shoe because it fits the feet so well, providing outstanding traction on any surface. It does require a bit of patience because it has to be broken in, but it will pay off in the long run – or wrestle.


  • Synthetic material
  • Lace garage
  • Full length gum rubber outsole for friction purposes
  • Narrow body with nice tongue
  • Overlapping laces

ASICS has your back when you want to wrestle with better footing. The Matflex 5 allows the wearer to pivot, kick, sway, and make all sorts of movements with ease when worn.

It is a narrow fit that is slightly bigger than normal. It is a must to order larger shoes because a pair of ASICS always runs smaller than your measurement. If you are a size 10, order a 10.5 or 11 to have a decent fit.

The wait for your larger shoe will be worth it because you are dealing with a shoe that offers a full range of motion. It is lightweight with an aerodynamic design that is designed to “cut” the air as you move through it.

This design allows for better comfort and support because the toes have a solid wall surrounding them that hugs your entire foot. It’s like you have a clamp on your foot, that does not cause any pain or discomfort.

There is a lot of traction present in the Matflex 5. It has a long sweeping design that targets entry-level owners because it possesses most of the features present in expensive wrestling footwear.


One of the best things about the Matflex 5 is not loosening up the shoe to wear it properly. It does not have to be tight either, because the shoe hugs the feet due to the narrow design of the body. It compresses the foot to give it support during movement-intensive exercises.

You guessed it right! The Matflex 5 is not just for wrestling, but also for other sports that require immaculate footwork and traction. Weightlifting and basketball are two exercises that benefit a lot from a sturdy but comfy pair of wrestling shoes.


It’s quite surprising to realize that the shoe does not have interior padding. The comfort comes from the inner part of the shoe that caresses the feet. There is no padding so, if you are wearing thin socks, make sure you have a spare pair to wear.

ASICS is known for making small shoes. You have to scale up to fit the shoe better and well, allotting some space for the feet to move better. This can be a minor inconvenience for people who have already ordered a pair. You can always return the box and ask for a larger fit, saying you did not know that ASICS made small shoes.


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This scores a 9/10 for comfort, durability, support, and traction. It could have gotten a higher score if ASICS stopped creating smaller shoes or if they added some padding on the inside to cushion the feet better. This would have made moving better because you would have an additional layer of protection against impact.

There are other better, shoes in the market. This pair targets shoe owners who want to try a new sport out. ASICS is exploring more shoe models to introduce to consumers so they too can have shoes that have a lot of friction and staying power on any surface.

You can explore other shoe models in the market if you want something tougher, lighter, and better contoured. But if you need a pair that does what it advertises, sells well, and is backed up by a global brand that is known for fitness, you won’t be sorry for picking up a Matflex 5.

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