Inception – Brute

Inception - Brute

The Inception is a weightlifter’s powerful weapon against imbalance and slipping. The footwear is straightforward. It is wide, thick, and digs deep on any surface.

This gives you a lot of traction as you move around. The base of the shoe is very sturdy and can withstand a lot of force coming from jumping, skidding, and dragging motions.

Brute made this shoe lightweight so it can be moved in any direction. Workouts like weightlifting and parkour require a shoe that can take a beating and still return back to its original form.

Unlike other shoes of the same category, this pair can last for more than one season of wrestling. It’s good to know that this can outlast anything, even you, because durability is a rarity these days. Everything seems to break down so easily.

The body of the shoe is all a wrestler needs to dominate the match. Ankle support helps maintain balance while the feet are securely tucked inside the shoe.

The Inception was made to give wide and flat-footed people a better grip on any surface. If your feet can cover more area, you can sustain your balance for a longer period of time.


  • Wide red and black body
  • Tough ankle support
  • Thick outsole
  • Extremely light body
  • Narrow construction
  • Zip-up design

Though intended for wrestling, you can still wear the Inception for any workout, provided you need something thick and light beneath your feet. Thick because you need something to cushion your feet as you hoist weights.

Light because your workout may require a lot of movement. Brute acknowledges the possibility of the shoe being used for other exercises, so they made it extra beefy and durable, but still light enough that it does not hinder you from moving nimbly.

Wearing a pair of Inceptions is great because they are very breathable. You do not need to loosen the shoe to let air in or be more comfortable.

You just need to break the shoe in properly so you can grip surfaces better. This pair can be painful to wear at first but, as time goes by, your feet will start to “get into the program” and be at ease with the shoe.

Ankle support will keep the shoe from falling off if you do brisk movements like sprinting or jump rope. This acts like a belt so you do not feel any loose sensation.

Every exercise needs stellar footwork. Wrestling lives around it because, without what they call fancy footwork, you will not last 10 seconds against your enemy, especially if that person is a grappler.


As a wrestling shoe, the Inception is a must have because you need to support your powerful base. Shoes that have a soft underbelly are unacceptable – better get an Inception, a pair that has a stiff bottom that won’t give out to regular usage. The shoe is nice because the rubber bottom adds a lot of friction, adding a layer of stopping power you won’t regret having.

The shoe is also great for weightlifters and boxers with wide feet. There are not many manufacturers that focus on this aspect because sometimes all they think of is support and balance, when in fact you can have better balance if your feet are almost always parallel to the ground.


The shoe is for big people. This may not be much but people of average height may find the shoe disconcerting and uninteresting, to the point that it can be unwearable. They can still wear the shoe but they may not be able to experience the shoe’s full potential.

Sizing can be confusing. One reviewer received a pair that was so small he had to return it because his heel could not fit inside the shoe.

You need to order with an allowance on the sizing. You can get a feel on how much you need to allot – you need to, otherwise the shoe can be difficult to put on.


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This is a great shoe with minimal hiccups from the manufacturer and the product itself. This pair of Brutes does not have any frills or experience any problems with the material used.

It gives you a lot of traction, so you can move freely without worrying about the surfaces you are stepping on. The wide base of the shoe will help you deal with a lot of stresses, so you can bounce back onto your feet after making a mistake.

The wider the shoe, the better it can tank imbalance and wrong footing. Inception was made to be as wide as possible so it can stay on the ground better.

For this reason alone, the Inception garners a score of 9/10. It could have scored higher or even a perfect 10 if the shoe was made to be an exact fit. If you want to buy a shoe that has more features, you have alternatives on the internet. But if you just need something that will help you duke it out, this is more than enough.

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