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The Stingray Escape is a shoe that produces a lot of friction on the outer sole. A combination of polyester, leather, and synthetic material gives the foot additional comfort and protection against slipping. Otomix put a lot of effort into making sure that this gray pair produces a lot of friction so the wearer has better control of his or her feet.

This grey pair has a lot of traction underneath it for better support and stability. A stiff but comfortable ankle support is there to tank all the force exerted by the feet. This allows more mobility, so you can freely carry out your moves without breaking a sweat.

Speaking of sweat, this shoe is very breathable in all situations. The shoe is amazing and resilient on any surface, so you can maneuver without breaking a step.  This allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground, allowing a fuller range of motions.

Since the shoe is lightweight, it enables you to move your feet in any direction you like. This is the type of shoe you should get if you want to cling on to a surface or stay on top of your enemy.


  • Made of polyester
  • Leather and synthetic body
  • Extra ankle support
  • Thin but durable sole
  • Outsole digs well

This is great for exercises that prioritize footwork and require stability. Movements that need you to have a strong base and require your soles to be planted firmly in the ground will strongly benefit from the grip brought by the Stingray Escape. This makes the Otomix a go-to brand when you want a pair of shoes with supreme traction in any situation.

The Stingray has one of the longest tongues seen on a shoe, enabling more support and traction for the foot when bending or exerting more effort. There can be instances when you push yourself harder, which is when the tongue comes in.

It cushions the impact and other forces that may go against your foot. Think of it as a shield that helps in deflecting high amounts of force.

Otomix added this tongue so that there is an additional layer of protection to defend the foot and give it more stability. You will appreciate this shoe a lot, even if you are not a wrestler, because it makes you feel grounded without feeling like you are lugging your shoes to your workout. In fact it’s the opposite – it will force you to drag your shoes to see if it’s really there.


The ankle strap keeps you bound to the shoes and surface you are on to give you a competitive edge. The lightness of the shoe helps a lot because it lets you position your feet better. Some people like to call the shoe a naked addition because wearing it makes them feel like they are still one with the surface they are on. It is like they are wearing nothing.

Another great thing about the shoe is it fits in other workouts as well. As long as the exercise requires a pair of shoes that give great support and act like shock absorbers, you cannot go wrong with this pair from Otomix. It has a sturdy heel, a great outer sole, and combination of materials that give it elasticity and rigidity.


You have to buy a larger size because Otomix made this a smaller fit. You have to scale up in size if you want to properly break in the shoe. This gives your feet more room to move, enabling it to encounter all sides of the shoe.

Not properly breaking in the shoe can cause injuries because you are not yet in total control of the shoe. You may overstep or commit less in your stride, causing you to land awkwardly and jolt your balance. It can cause you to trip because the feet could not fully commit to the shape of the shoe just yet.


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The best part about this shoe is the support system.  A solid ankle strap and a long tongue that acts as an impact cushion are your best bets against extreme force exerted on the shoe. This translates into better footwork and that gives you more balance and power, as you are planted firmly on the ground.

The shoe is very lightweight so you can move it in any direction. This makes it a universal shoe for people who want something that is lightweight, snug around their feet, and narrow enough to move in any direction.

Thus, the shoe manages to get a score of 9/10. Since workouts can be hectic to the legs, wearing the Stingray can help restore one’s sense of balance.

There are other brands in the market that have better support features than this shoe. But this is the pair that you must get if you just want to be oriented with the important qualities of a workout shoe for men.

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