Difference Between Boxing and Wrestling Shoes

Difference Between Boxing and Wrestling Shoes

The difference between the boxing and the wrestling shoes lies in their subtle but specific design that makes it ideal for the sport they will be worn for.

Wrestling and boxing rely on traction and fast footwork. That is why shoes worn in these games are quite similar to each other. Both are made boot-like, form fitting, and are lightweight.

As per Dave Coffman, a martial arts chronicler, organized wrestling as a sport came in 150 years before boxing even came on the scene. It all started with the Greeks in ancient times, wrestling it out in their arenas.

The shoes

Boxing shoes took a pretty sophisticated step into the boxing ring, but then wrestling caught up soon after. With so many people waking up to wrestling, it was bound to happen.

The fabric

Wrestling shoes have to be flexible, allowing you to move freely without your feet pinching or feeling uncomfortable.

That is why they are manufactured from lightweight synthetics. Their soles are made of rubber to save you from slipping and falling flat on your face on the mat. Sometimes the top of the shoe has a mesh cover.

You can purchase the shoes for boxing, made of synthetic materials as well. But suede or lightweight leather is the recommended material for shoes for boxing purposes.

The rubber soles of these shoes are textured. A mesh upper is adopted by some boxing shoe brands to ensure that the shoes remain light and comfortable, despite your feet becoming sweaty.

Ankle height

Boxers have to stand much straighter than the wrestlers. They are also more likely to fall than a wrestler; wrestlers fall too, but they are trained to drop safely without injuring themselves in the process.

These falls put the boxers at a much higher chance of breaking their ankles. That is the reason shoes for boxing have higher than average ankles, clasped together with a Velcro band or laces.

The tallest boxing shoe rises up 12” on the calf.

Boxers use low-top shoes as well, but then they tape up their ankles before a match to protect them from harm.


To be able to move quickly on the canvas, the soles of the boxer’s shoes are even. For traction, soles have a texture with grooves niched into them. It allows them to move backward and forward unhesitant.

Wrestling shoes, on the other hand, have rigid soles that tear into the soft wrestling mat, giving it a hard grip.

For traction, most wrestling shoes have a circle or more sculpted into the sole which allows the wrestler to move about easily.

The common factor between these shoes is that they have fine insoles with arch support or little padding. Because the matches happen on a cushioned surface, the shoes have to be lightweight; comfort is not an important consideration.

Where to buy them

Sports shops usually don’t carry boxing shoes. But wrestling shoes can be found there.

Sometimes boxers use normal sports shoes while practicing, while others negate this practice because sports shoes are heavy.

Which boxing shoes to buy

Here are top 3 boxing shoes available on the market.

  • Ringside Diablo—Made of breathable nylon mesh with a patented leather vinyl finish, this low-top ankle boxing shoe has a non-slipping rubber sole for ease of movement and fluidity. They are available in eight different colors and for both men and women.
  • TITLE—Made of a synthetic leather top, with tightly woven nylon fill that sits on top of a sculpted polyurethane soles. Made for speed and fast footwork, and with stylish embroidery, this low-top boxing shoe has a 6” ankle length. Available in three other colors besides the basic black.

Adidas Box Hog—Made of single layer open mesh for better ventilation and breathability, its synthetic suede overlay gives the wearer a comfortable and secure fit. Its EVA midsole is low-profile providing for a lightweight midfoot and a cushioned heel. For superb grip and indoor traction, its outsole is made of gum rubber. It is perfect for comfort and durability.

Which wrestling shoes to buy

Here are top 3 wrestling shoes available on the market.

  • ASICS Men’s Matflex 5—It is made to provide support and provide comfort to the wrestler. For superb traction and breathability, the outsole is a full-length gum rubber. The shoe is made of synthetic and textile outfitted with a lace garage.
  • Adidas Wrestling Men’s Combat Speed 4—These Adidas wrestling shoes are perfect for all wrestlers. They are durable, breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. They give you a sock-like fit that is made as per popular trend in the 1970s and 1980s. The shoe is made of suede leather and has a single layered mesh body. The synthetic leather is placed with split-suede outsole overlays to give the Velcro strap closure enough spin, for stability. It also has a 3-stripe midfoot support and a die-cut EVA midsole for comfort. Available in multiple colors.
  • ASICS Men’s Snapdown—This is a mid-level wrestling shoe. It has a full-length outsole design which has forefoot and rear wrestling-specific traction pods which gives grip as well as flexibility. The top has a synthetic skin suede and a breathable single-layer mesh for enhanced flexibility and ensuring your feet stay dry and cool. It is a perfect combination of performance at a value. Available in three different colors.


There is a very basic design difference between wrestling and boxing shoes to fit the sport that they are being used for. They support and protect the foot and its movement on the mat as required, specific to each sport.


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