Can You Wear Socks With Wrestling Shoes?

Can You Wear Socks with Wrestling Shoes?

It is quite common these days for people who are fond of taking part in physical activities to wear wrestling shoes. These shoes are worn by people all over the world, especially if you like being outdoors for long hours of the day.

Wrestling shoes are available for sale in Internet stores as well as conventional stores, and have takers of every age group. While wrestling shoes can be worn with bare feet, they can also be worn with socks.

To know more about what to do in order to be able to wear wrestling shoes with socks, a number of crucial points have to be considered.

Socks worn with wrestling shoes should be made of cotton

The first thing that needs to be remembered when looking to wear socks with wrestling shoes is to ensure that the socks are made of cotton and not nylon. This is because wrestling shoes are known to make your feet sweat a lot and the use of nylon socks is likely to make your feet sweat a lot more than usual, so this is best avoided.

Socks for wrestling shoes need to be of high quality

The socks that are worn with wrestling shoes need to be of a very high quality. Wrestling shoes are worn for long hours in a day, and if the socks are of poor quality, they are likely to damage your skin while wearing the socks.

Size of wrestling shoes must be considered when buying socks to wear with them

The size of the wrestling shoes that are being worn also has to be taken into consideration when looking to find socks to wear with these.

Wrestling shoes come in many different sizes and the socks worn with the wrestling shoes should be of a size that is compatible with the size of the shoe. Wearing socks which are too loose or too tight can prove to be rather uncomfortable.

Socks have to be washed regularly

If socks are worn with wrestling shoes, then these have to be washed on a regular basis; they cannot be allowed to remain dirty.

Wrestling shoes are made of high-quality material and are easily prone to be affected by fungi if not cleaned on a regular basis. If the wrestling shoes are worn with soiled socks, there is every possibility of the socks damaging the quality of the shoes in the long run.

Color of socks should be compatible with color of wrestling shoes

The color of the socks that are worn with your wrestling shoes should be compatible with the colors of the shoes.

If this is the case, then the socks won’t stand out or look odd when these are worn along with the wrestling shoes.

The socks should also be of lighter pastel shades if the wrestling shoes are vibrant in color. Socks which come in pastel shades tend to have a cooler impact on the feet, which is necessary if you are  going to be wearing wrestling shoes for the most part of the day and will take them off only in the evening.

Socks specific for wrestling shoes are available for sale online

There are specific socks that can be found for wearing with wrestling shoes which are sure to afford you a great sense of comfort. These pairs of socks are available at stores online and can be bought for reasonable prices at any time.

If the purchase of socks for wrestling shoes is made late at night, then there is a possibility of getting them at discounted prices. The discounts usually range between 20-30% and can sometimes be as high as 50% as well.

Socks often have to be mended

It needs to be remembered that socks that are worn along with wrestling shoes are those that can easily end up with holes.

This is especially likely to be the case if the wrestling shoes are used for activities like boxing or running, that normally require a lot of physical movement.

Therefore, you should be prepared to mend these socks every now and then or be prepared to buy new socks if and when needed.

Socks should come with a warranty

It is important to make sure that socks that are bought to wear with wrestling shoes should come with a warranty.

This warranty should be valid for at least a year and can prevent you from incurring wear and tear costs when such socks get damaged upon extensive use.

You should also learn if there is any exchange policy on offer when buying socks for wrestling shoes so as to be able to replace these with better ones if the first purchase is not what you want.

Socks should not be worn with wrestling shoes if your feet sweat a lot

If your feet sweat a lot, you should refrain from wearing socks with your wrestling shoes and should instead wear them with bare feet.

Socks can increase the tendency of the feet to sweat when worn with wrestling shoes, and if you have a problem with sweaty feet, you should consult your personal physician before taking the decision to wear socks with wrestling shoes.


While socks can be definitely worn with wrestling shoes, a lot of care has to be taken to make sure that this does not ultimately damage or harm your feet.

Running in wrestling shoes can become a whole lot easier with socks as these allow the feet to get a firm grip on the shoe soles, thus increasing your confidence.


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