Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Weight Lifting?

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Weight Lifting?

There is quite a lot of debate about whether wrestling shoes can be used for weightlifting. Many people choose this type of shoe and this is not just limited to those people who may actually wrestle. It seems that the opinion of most people is that it really depends on the individual and what they prefer. What works well for someone may not work at all for the next person. That being said, if you are considering buying a pair of wrestling shoes, then you may find the following information useful.

Wrestling shoes are more useful for deadlifting than any other type of lifting. This is because they are not too heavy, so you do not really notice that you are wearing them, but they provide more grip than if you were to lift in bare feet. They have a thin, flat sole which is as close to bare feet as you are going to get while wearing a shoe. It is usually a good idea to tighten them as much as you can before you start, as this will provide plenty of support for your feet. You should also remember that gravity will be pushing down on you as you lift and so you will want to choose something with a hard sole, which a wrestling shoe has.

Some people find it difficult to squat in wrestling shoes because they do not have much of a heel and this can affect grip. Again, a lot of this is down to individual preference regarding how much you feel you need a heel when you are squatting. Some people find that having a small heel helps them to get deeper into the squat, and improves their overall performance. If you would rather have a heel, then a pair of lifting shoes may be the better choice. If not, then you will probably find that a pair of wrestling shoes is sufficient for what you need as they will still provide you with some grip on the floor while you are squatting.

There are a number of other advantages to using wrestling shoes. Some people prefer the way they look on their feet because they are not too bulky. Even when they are tightened on your feet they are still very comfortable and after a while, you may even forget that you are wearing shoes. This helps to give the feeling of bare feet that a lot of people prefer when they are lifting.

Another advantage to using wrestling shoes is that it is possible to get a good pair for a very reasonable price. They are also quite hardwearing so they won’t need to be replaced that often, but when they do it will not cost you a fortune. If you do take part in wrestling as well as weightlifting, then there is no reason why the same pair of shoes can’t be used for both activities.

If you are able to borrow a pair of wrestling shoes, then it will not hurt to try them out and see what you think. Talk to other people who use them, and see what their reasons are, and whether this is something that makes sense to you. If it is not possible to borrow a pair, then it may be an idea to still invest in a pair as they can be picked up fairly cheaply. You may be able to find another use for them if you can’t get on with them for lifting. You may find that you need to break your shoes in before they become really comfortable, and this is an advantage of having your own pair rather than borrowing a pair that belongs to someone else.

Some competitions will require you to wear a pair of shoes before you can compete so even if you don’t like to wear shoes when lifting, this is something in which you may not have a lot of choice. Shoes can also provide some protection for your feet if you were to drop your weights.

If you do need to wear shoes, then it is important that you buy something other than a tennis or running shoe. This is because they both have cushioned soles and you ideally need something harder to push against when you are first going into the lift. Wrestling shoes have hard soles and so will provide you with this. They also keep your feet in alignment when you are lifting as they will be tight against the side of your feet which is something else that you do not get with tennis shoes.

Whichever type of shoe you decide to choose for your lifting, then it is important that you train in the same shoe every time, especially if you will be entering a competition. One of the biggest mistakes that novice lifters make is to change their equipment just before a tournament, and this also includes shoes. When you find a pair of shoes that you love, they will feel completely natural whenever you wear them, and you will learn to lift with this feeling. They almost become part of you when you are lifting, and changing your shoes at the last minute could have consequences that you do not expect. Wrestling shoes are a good choice because they are not heavy on your feet and the sole is thin but hard, so it almost feels as if your actual foot is on the floor while you are still getting the protection that you need.

Overall, wrestling shoes are a good choice for weightlifting, and if you are happy using them, then there is no real need to go out and buy a pair of lifting shoes, which are comparatively quite expensive. A wrestling shoe will do everything that you need it to, and you may be surprised at the support it can give, and at how your performance will improve when you are wearing a shoe that you are comfortable in.


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