Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe – ASICS

Aggressor 2 Wrestling Shoe - ASICS

The Aggressor 2 is a pair that grips like a world class grappler without tiring your feet too much with all the movement your sport involves. This is primarily a wrestling shoe, but that does not mean it could not be used for other sports like weightlifting or basketball that require solid footwork and balance.

This shoe has a rubber sole that uses a hook and loop closure to bring everything together. The outsole is comfortable but tough, so you can deliver a roundhouse kick or a clothesline with more force without losing your footing. It has a nice upper design that allows you to move in any direction without feeling any strain on your foot.

An ankle strap closure enables you to grip any surface with ease. On the outside you have an imported textile that works to keep you from slipping, in case the floor is oily.

A rubber sole keeps friction on the outside high so you have full control of your movement. This allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground without budging. It almost feels like the shoe is glued to the surface without being too heavy to lift or maneuver.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Ecsaine upper
  • Ankle strap
  • Arch support
  • Slip-proof
  • Imported textile with colorful graphics (may vary)

A great design empowers all users of the Aggressor 2, because its deep tread allows the wearer to step into any arena with confidence that they will, literally, not slip up on game day. Users of all ages and genders can appreciate its tough outsole that adds a lot of traction. Its narrow design helps the user cling to any surface and move with fluid precision.

Like other shoes, this needs to be broken in to feel the full range of motion available to the wearer. Users will find that its narrow “pointy” construction enables them to swing their feet better and move faster in their sport. This adds aerodynamics to the Aggressor, which is already notoriously lightweight, making it a go-to brand for other exercises and disciplines.

The Aggressor is a large unisex shoe. Sizing requires allowance from the user because it can be loose when you use the exact measurements of your foot.

If you are a size 10, request an 11 so the shoe does not slip or give you injury. Even if the shoe is narrow, selecting a larger size can make all of your toes fit in without feeling constricted.


Although classified as an entry-level shoe, the Aggressor 2 is successful at giving the user an abundant amount of grip, which is the fundamental aspect of every wrestling shoe. ASICS does not care whether you use this for wrestling or crumping on the dance floor. This model is specifically designed for traction with its deep tread that covers your toes and your stance.

The Aggressor 2 has a lot of support systems for the feet. It has arch support and an ankle strap that prevents unnecessary movement.

Its deep tread also acts as a shock absorber so you can land on the ground better if your sport has a lot of movement. It does not hurt that the shoe is bigger so it can absorb more force as you move.


The shoe is narrow and can be uncomfortable for people with wide feet. It can be a tight squeeze that can prevent some people from moving, especially if the shoe has not been broken in. A narrow toe can force you to loosen the Aggressor, which can lead to lesser control.

The shoe can also be very tight if you order the exact size of your feet. This pair requires you to buy a larger one. Allowance can be a half or full size, depending on the level of tightness your sport requires. You may want to return your shoe if it comes in the exact size.


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This product is a powerful entry-level shoe that does what is advertised and is not just a bloated piece of rubber. When ASICS says that the shoe is slip-proof, its deep treading proved it by adding a lot of friction.

When it says that its support system can give comfort during any sport, its hook and loop closure and ankle strap showed superior stopping power.

For those reasons alone, the Aggressor 2 managed to snag a score of 9/10 for its rigidity and lightweight body. It could have gotten a higher score if the shoe was not too narrow – or pointy as they say – and requires some allowance. This does give you the ability to pass down the shoe to another person if the you have outgrown the pair.

To pass it on to someone because it’s already damaged, however, is not going to happen soon. ASICS made sure that the pair is bulletproof but lightweight, sturdy but comfortable, and affordable but world-class.

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